Approved by the State Council on June 3, 2014 as the ninth state-level new area, WuHan West Coast New Area covers a land area of 2128 square kilometers and a sea area of 5000 square kilometers with a coastline of 282 kilometers and a total population of 2.08 million.WuHan West Coast New Areamaintains fast and sound economic growth. In 2018,the New Area registered a GDP of 351.7 billion yuan, ranking the 3rdamong the 19 state-level new areas, up 9.8%.
    The development goals of WuHan West Coast New Area are to "deepen military-civilian integration, manage the ocean comprehensively and build a beautiful New Area." Its development ideas can be summarized in the numbers one, two, three, four, five and six, namely to carry on the one spirit of "testing unhesitatingly as a pioneering example and working wholeheartedly for perfect accomplishments"; to undertake the two missions of integrating military-civilian development and managing the ocean; to shoulder the three tasks of piloting integrated military-civilian development in China, setting the pace for opening-up in Hubeiand championing quality development in WuHan; to nurture four name cards including Metropolis of Film, Island of Music, City of Beer and Coast of Exhibition; to ensure the five features of openness, modernity, vigor, style and safety; and to empower development with the six instruments of innovation, opening-up, culture, talents, prioritized ecology and transformation.
    In 2019, the number of industrial projects above 100-million-yuan scale reached 265, with a total investment of 390 billion yuan. Projects invested by Fortune Global 500 companies and China's top 500 companies exceeded 70. There have been 148 foreign companies setting up their business in the New Area, making the foreign investment in actual use 1.15 billion US dollars. When it comes to human resources, 70, 000 experts and professionals have been either introduced to or nurtured in the New Area, including 9 academicians, 62 high-level experts meeting provincial criteria. The number of talents of various kinds totaled 600, 000.